Feature Requests

As Balanced embraces the open company philosophy, we actively and publicly discuss feature requests and product decisions with our community on github. Do you have a feature request or issue? We’d love to hear from you!


We respond to support requests and questions through several channels including:

Follow @balancedstatus or check out status.balancedpayments.com for real-time status updates on the API, balanced.js, and Balanced’s dashboard.

Join the Balanced community and follow us on Twitter.

When encountering a problem, one of the best tools available to you is the Logs area in the Dashboard. These logs give valuable insight into what request information was received and the resulting API response. It also gives information about operation status codes and transaction failure messages along with the timing and affected parties and endpoints.

If additional help is required, hop into #balanced on Freenode IRC to get help directly from developers.

Be sure to have the following handy to facilitate quick resolutions to issues:

    • A description of the problem
    • The Dashboard link to the transaction(s) related to the issue
    • Transaction OHM (this is the identifier for the corresponding log message. It's returned on errors)
    • Marketplace name
    • Timeframe of issue
    • Affected customer(s)
    • Amount and type of transaction
    • Last 4 digits and type of the affected card (if applicable)

Submission & Delivery times

The cutoff for submitting payouts is 3:00 PM Pacific (PT) time. Payouts will not be delivered on weekends or bank holidays:
Holiday 2014 2015 2016
New Year's Day January 1 January 1 January 1
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. January 20 January 19 January 18
Washington's Birthday February 17 February 16 February 15
Memorial Day May 26 May 25 May 30
Independence Day July 4 July 4 [*] July 4
Labor Day September 1 September 7 September 5
Columbus Day October 13 October 12 October 10
Veterans Day November 11 November 11 November 11
Thanksgiving Day November 27 November 26 November 24
Christmas Day December 25 December 25 December 26
Here's some common scenarios for payouts. Remember, the next-day cut off is at 3:00 PM Pacific (PT).
Type of scenario Example submission date Available when? [†]
Most common Tuesday @ 1:45PM PT Wednesday @ 9:00AM PT
Bank holidays July 3rd @ 1:30PM PT July 5th @ 9:00AM PT
Late submission Friday @ 3:30PM PT Tuesday @ 9:00AM PT
[†]Assumes that day is a working business day -- does not fall on a weekend or a federal reserve holiday.


Check out the pricing page for out current pricing structure!

Balanced will create invoices to collect fees daily. These invoices can be viewed under the invoices tab of the Balanced dashboard. Fees are debited from the bank account most recently attached to the owner account of the marketplace.

For example, a buyer pays for a service on Monday from a third-party merchant. You charge the buyer $10, which increases your escrow balance by $10. Balanced will invoice you, on Monday for 2.9% of $10 (or 29¢), plus 30¢, and debit your bank account for a total of 59¢.

On Wednesday, the third-party merchant completes performing a service for the buyer, and the buyer acknowledges this. You credit out payment to the merchant, likely keeping a portion to pay your fees. Perhaps you pay out $7 to the merchant, leaving you with $3 in your escrow account. Balanced will invoice you, on Wednesday, 25¢ for this ACH credit.

The $3 that is left from the buyer's $10 is your revenue from this order. You decide to credit this to your own bank account on Friday. Balanced doesn't charge you for this credit, as credits to owner accounts are free.

Balanced will never take fees from the operating capital (escrow account) of the marketplace.

Transaction Limits

The minimum transaction amount is $0.50.

The maximum transaction amounts are as follows:

Credit cards - $15,000 per transaction.

Bank account debits - $15,000 per transaction.

Bank account credits - $15,000 per transaction.


Please contact support@balancedpayments.com if you are planning to process larger amounts.

These limits do not apply to the marketplace owner bank account.