Client Libraries

Balanced attempts very hard to write idiomatic code for all it's API libraries and we pride ourselves in an extensive test suite for every client that demonstrates almost every single method / function executed for your convenience.

We find that this is the best way to use the client libraries. If you encounter and issue, please file a github issue and get in touch through one our many support channels.

Language / Platform Repository Tests Primary Contributor
python balanced-python balanced-python tests Balanced
ruby balanced-ruby balanced-ruby tests Balanced
php balanced-php balanced-php tests Balanced
php (symfony2 bundle) JmBalancedPaymentBundle JmBalancedPaymentBundle Tests Jeremy Marc
java balanced-java balanced-java tests Balanced
iOS balanced-ios balanced-ios tests Ben Mills (Remear)
perl Business-BalancedPayments Business-BalancedPayments tests Crowdtilt.com

Use Cases


Balanced is most often used to power payments for online and mobile marketplaces -- any platform facilitating payments between buyers and sellers. For example, kitchit, copious, zaarly, visual.ly, and many others are connecting Balanced Processing and Balanced Payouts to charge a buyer’s credit card on behalf of a seller.

Some customers have even implemented a shopping cart checkout flow where a single buyer can buy from many sellers with a single transaction. And holding the funds with Balanced between Payouts and Processing can allow the marketplace to implement an escrow-like functionality.


Balanced is commonly used to power payments for crowd-funding and group purchasing platforms. For example, crowdtilt, wanderable, gittip, and many others are connecting Balanced Processing and Balanced Payouts to charge many buyers’ credit cards on behalf of a single seller.

Vendor Payments

Balanced Payouts is used by many businesses that need to pay their sellers or vendors for supplies and services rendered.


Balanced Processing is used by a merchants to simply charge buyers for items they sell directly.

Github Discussions

We actively and publicly discuss feature requests and product decisions with our community on github. We’d love to hear from you.


We respond to support requests and questions through several channels including:

Follow @balancedstatus or check out status.balancedpayments.com for real-time status updates on the API, balanced.js, and Balanced’s dashboard.

Join the Balanced community and follow us on Twitter.

Third-Party Plugins

Recurring Payments
Card Readers

Integration Assistance

Are you looking for a developer to help with Balanced integration? Check out these companies!

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